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How to Become a Member?

To be a member of the Club, one must be of legal age and of good moral reputation, persons of both sexes being eligible for membership. Companies, corporations and other juridical entities duly organized and with offices in the Philippines are also qualified to become members.

Types of Share

  2. CORPORATE B – Two Nominees
  3. CORPORATE C – Five Nominees

Qualified Dependents of Member/Nominee

  1. For married members or nominees – the legal spouse and legitimate unmarried children including legally adopted children twenty fire (25) years of age or below.
  2. For single members or nominees – the parents and unmarried brothers and sisters, twenty five (25) or below. unmaried children of members or nominees and unmarried brothers and sisters of single members or nominees above twenty five (25) but not beyond thirty (30) years of age may be allowed to enjoy the privileges of the Club as dependents of said members or nominees subject to special assessments fee of P3,000.00 yearly.

MONTHLY DUES – P2,000.00

CONSUMABLE – P750.00 every month

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