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The Club Facilities are exclusively for members of the Club and their dependents. However, visitors may be allowed the privilege to use the facilities only when accompanied and/or personally endorsed by the member. It is the responsibility of the member to inform his guests of the club rules and policies.

The maximum number of guests a member can bring at a time is four (4) persons. Regardless of who the host is, a guest may be allowed a maximum of twenty-four (24) visits in one (1) year provided that the maximum visits in a single month does not exceed four (4) times. Beyond these limits, exception to this rule is the basketball court where a member is allowed the number of guests necessary to complete a game.

Unless otherwise agreed upon by mutual consent as to settlement of whatever claims that may arise, any and all damage caused by visitors shall be charged to hosting members. In addition, the Club may impose sanctions as may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors, pursuant to Article 13 of the By-laws or cause the removal of erring guest/visitors from the Club premises.

Members shall be responsible for their guest’s behavior and hygienic practices while in the Club premises.



All Club users are required to present their identification card and register at the Front Desk.


No cash transaction is allowed in any of the Club outlets to further promote exclusivity. Members and dependents should insist on signing their respective chits to be charged against their cards. No cards – no service. Should any of the outlets insist on collecting cash. They should be refused and reported to the Management in writing only the Front Desk can accept cash payments.


The fees for the usage of the facilities are subject to change as approved by the Board. Such change shall be implemented upon due notice to the members.


Users of sports outlets should register at the Sports Center before proceeding to the Sports outlets. At the Lobby Billiard hall, registration may be done at the Lobby Reception desk.


In the food and beverage, retail and service outlets, users should present their cards before placing any order.


Only proper attire will be allowed in the various areas of the Club. Underwear-type attire is not acceptable. Slippers are allowed only at the swimming pool area. (Please refers to the specific court rules for the sports attire). The Management shall exercise the right to call the attention of the offenders and report them to the board for appropriate sanction.


All sports outlets shall accept players on a “first come, first served” basis. Advanced reservation is allowed only at the Basketball court, Badminton and tennis under the following procedures:


a. Reservation can be placed one day ahead for all courts as follows:

• Weekdays – For 6 am to 8 am games
• Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays – For 6 am to 7 am games

b. Reservation may be phoned-in for court no. 1 only as follows:

• Between 6 am – For 8 am to 12 nn games and 10 am-
• Between 11:00 – for 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm games and 5:00 pm

c. If not reserved, these courts will be available to walk-ins on “first come, first served” basis.


The member will be charged for the reserved court whether he uses it or not. In case of Basketball, no-show charged can be avoided if cancellation is made at least three (3) days before the reserved time.


Players who are physically present in the Club may sign up for their court/ time anytime during the day for game/s in the same day.


Reserved or signed up players should reconfirm their presence with the Sports Center at least fifteen (15) minutes before playing time. Failure to reconfirm will transfer the queuing priority to the next signed-up player. If the next reserved or signed up player declines, the playing slot will be re-opened on a “first come, first served” basis.


Regular playing duration is one (1) hour except for basketball, which can be two (2) hours to accommodate a full game. At the tennis, badminton and basketball courts, games shall start on hour and end on the hour. The members should follow the Sports Canter time.


Players must leave the court at the end of their time to avoid delay on the next player’s start-up. The next players should not enter the court or its perimeter while the previous players are still in court.


A player loses his queued position if he plays a full hour game prior to his reserved slot. This person should sign-up again for the next available time after the match if he wishes to play again. However, if a queued player only fills or plays the remainder of the current vacant hour, he will be charged on a pro-rata basis and will not lose the queued position.


Non-members will be allowed to use the sports facilities only when at least one (1) member or dependent participates in the game.


Changing of attire is allowed only in the bathhouse, locker rooms, the spa, and the clinic. The Management shall exercise the right to call the attention of offenders and report them to the Board or appropriate sanction.


All Club users are encouraged to keep the dry sections of the Club dry for safety consideration. Swimmers and bathers should dry themselves immediately after leaving the pool or the shower cubicle to avoid accidents that may be caused by water drippings.


Children five (5) years old and below must be accompanied by a responsible guardian at all times while in the club premises. They are also not allowed inside the courts and perimeter areas.


All Club users must observe proper hygiene and should not cause littering in the premises.


The Club reserves the right to block from usage any facility, e.g. court, lane or table, to accommodate the holding of scheduled tournaments, exhibitions or other events duly approved by the Management.


The club will not be held liable for any loss, damage or injury suffered by any member, his dependents and / or guests and his belongings, through his own fault or negligence.


Bags and other belongings should be placed only in proper racks, storage or lockers, indiscriminate lying of these items in inappropriate place is not allowed. The Management shall exercise the right to require payment of fees for use of lockers.


Food and beverage not bought in the Club are not allowed inside the Club. Food is not allowed in the sports areas.


Persons suffering from contagious diseases such as sore eyes, pertussis, persistent coughing, tuberculosis and the likes are strictly prohibited from entering the Club premises.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Club except in the main bar, the second floor lanai, the lobby area outside the Lobby Billiards room and the Mini-mart; and the west side walk in front of the Club building. Ask urns will be provided for in these areas.


Cars with no official Club Sticker on the front windshield or duly approved parking pass will not be allowed to park inside the Club premises.


Absolutely no pets shall be allowed in the Club premises.


Carrying of firearms within the premises is limited to Club Security personnel in uniform and those authorized by law to carry such firearms in the performance of their duty as security to the President of the Philippines and those authorized by the Board of Directors. The Management shall take the Steps necessary to effectively implement this rule.


Members shall refrain at all times from direct confronting other member and / or employee of the Club. All complaints/suggestions shall be made in writing and addressed to the Management c/o the General Manager.


Violation or contempt of Club rules, regulations and Board/Management directives shall be sanctioned with a warning, reprimand, suspension or expulsion as warranted by the circumstances and determined by the House Rules Committee and decided by the Board without prejudice to the indemnification of whatever damages that may have been caused; or the filing of any criminal actions.


Members may be suspended or expelled from the Club on the following grounds:

a. Misrepresentation in the Application Form.
b. Failure to notify the Club in writing of any change o dependents status, mailing or billing address.
c. Immoral or improper conduct in the Club premises.
d. Acts against the interest of the Club or its members.
e. Non-payment of accounts within sixty (60) days from the end of the current period. Suspension shall be lifted upon full payment of all dues and charges.


Expelled or suspended members cannot use the Club as guest or visitors.


Circumstances not covered by the House Rules and interpretation of provision thereof shall be referred to the House Rules Committee through the General Manager or consideration and proper recommendation of the Board of Directors.


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